Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Boston Heat Wave in Years?

Our first real shot at a Boston heat wave, three or more consecutive days with temperatures at 90+, is a real possibility this week. I have no problem saying that Boston will be in the 90's on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the two bordering days Monday and Thursday will be a close call if Logan actually hits the 90 degree mark. Either way I think that Boston has a good shot at offically having a heat wave. We could have a four day heat wave.

Notice the overnight lows. Tomorrow morning should be manageable with lows in the upper 50's to around 60, but then it really starts to get steamy overnight around here on Tuesday through Thursday mornings. Lows in the mid 70's after having highs in the mid and upper 90's is really harsh and many without a/c should think about staying with a friend or family member that does have a/c because not only will it just be plain uncomfortable, but it could become quite dangerous as well. Don't worry though, this will only be a four day stint. We are back to our great refreshing New England air by late week with a wind off the water by Saturday keeping eastern New England near 70 with unlimited sun. Everybody gets what they want with this forecast.

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