Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hottest of the Year

The hottest air of the year is on its way to SNE this week. First, we get to experience another radiational cooled night tonight with lows getting back into the mid-upper 40's in the suburbs of SNE to around 50 in urban areas. Tomorrow will feature clouds bubbling to give a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternooon because of a setup similar to yesterday's. However, I do not think that there will be as many showers and thunderstorms as we had yesterday. Highs will be the coolest we will see for a while, mainly in the mid 70's. We step up by ten to fifteen degrees on Monday with highs into the upper 80's. Tuesday is when the real steam heat is here with highs likely into the mid 90's all the way to the beaches. It is going to be a scorcha. Low and middle 90's are likely Wednesday again before storms arrive Thursday and we start to really cool for late week. We are back to the mid 70's by Friday. But in the stretch of steam heat, we will have overnight lows in the upper 60's in the coolest rural areas, but urban areas will have a hard time dropping below 70-75. That means the a/c will be working overtime this week.

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