Monday, June 25, 2007

Dangerous Heat

Many towns will be experiencing their first real heat waves in quite some time the next 2-3 days. Some towns will just squeak by with a 3 day heat wave, but others will have a bonafide 4 day stretch of temperatures at or above 90 degrees. Tomorrow will be an easy day to reach 90 in many locales, except the immediate South Coast and Cape. Here, temperatures will be right around 80. Temperatures will be widespread approaching the mid 90's, even towards the beaches, which I think will be packed. Temperatures will only rise for Wednesday with many towns well into the mid to perhaps upper 90's.

Thursday comes the risk for some thunderstorms, some of which may be severe and that will usher in some nice dry comfortable air with highs in the 70's and lows getting back down into the 50's for much of SNE. Some places up north will get back to the 40's for overnight lows by then after experiencing mid 70's for lows come midweek. Enjoy the heat.

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