Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heat Eases by Saturday

As mentioned in the previous post, the temperature outside right now just before NOON is absolutely ridiculous for Boston. Lower 90's before the NOON hour is almost unheard of for SNE. Its only going to get hotter this afternoon with temperatures rising another 4-8 degrees, maybe more. I would bet that Boston finishes the day around 97 degrees. Peak heat indices will likely be around 103.

Tomorrow is not as hot, but still pretty bad with an early jump on temperatures. Last night's low in Boston was only 76 degrees. Temperatures will be warmer this afternoon and with a much higher dewpoint than yesterday, the low temperature in Boston will be higher than it was this morning. Coupled with the urban heat island effect soaking in all this sunshine, lows in Boston overnight tonight will likely only bottom out at around 80 degrees around 5AM. By 7-9AM temperatures will be already in the lower to mid 80's and peak around NOON at 92 for a region average. Then clouds will build and the heavens will unleash with big boomers later in the afternoon. As advertised before these storms could be quite severe with frequent lightning, small hail, and torrential downpours.

Then the cool air from Canada will move into SNE. As I have been saying, the highs will be in the 70's for a while thereafter. No more 90's in the foreseeable future. Lows getting back to around 50 in the suburbs will feel nice and we will be able to turn off the a/c and open the windows at night. Won't that be nice. We will welcome in July with nice refreshingly cool air and say goodbye to the stiffling heat of late June. P.S. If the high tomorrow in Boston is 90, it will be the first official heat wave of the summer.

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Andrew said...


Boston has beaten the old record of 96 degrees and is now sitting at 97 degrees!

Still another 2 hours of warming...perhaps nudging 100 degrees in Boston today? Possible.