Sunday, June 03, 2007

Barry's Rainstorm Arrives Tonight...

I was way off with the temperatures for this afternoon. The temperature at my house near Boston, MA was around 59 this morning, then the overcast thickened and drizzle has commenced and the temperature has been dropping through the 50's, now sitting at 54. The temperature won't rise much from that as we have a persistent ENE breeze off the ocean this afternoon.

Barry's rains arrive tonight as they are now drenching DC through Philadelphia at the moment. The rains are nearly in New York and will be there by later this afternoon. They will make it into SNE around 10PM this evening, so the Red Sox/Yankees game could be in jeopardy. The rain will be heavy all day tomorrow and continue into the first part of Tuesday as a few widely scattered showers. All said and done, rainfall will total to around 1-3" in eastern New England, from the Cape to Providence, Boston, and southern New Hampshire. Western New England from Hartford through Pittsfield, much of Vermont, will see heavier rainfall amounts totaling to around 2-4", locally 5" or 6" cannot be ruled out. Winds could be strong, especially at the shore. Gusts could top 50 mph tomorrow. All the SE winds will cause the water to build up on the South Coast, which has caused the NWS out of Taunton to issue a "High Surf Advisory" for seas building up to 10 to 20 feet! Riptides will be quite strong, so be careful if you decide to be a dare devil and go surfing tomorrow in the peak of the storm, which is not that smart.

We clear out for Wednesday with temperatures very cool, in the 60's for eastern New England; 70's inland. Thursday will be another dry day and warmer, after a chilly start in the lower 40's in suburbia, lower 50's in Boston. Showers may arrive for the beginning of next weekend, but thats so far away lets not get bogged down in detail. Don't leave without an umbrella tonight if you are heading to Fenway to see Beckett square off against the dreaded pinstripes and Pettite.

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