Saturday, June 23, 2007

Long Range Suggests Major Cooldown After Early Week Heat

I was looking through the NWS site today and found this graphic showing exceptional below average temperatures for the northeast and even Mid Atlantic the next 8-14 days. All the while, the West will be really baking with many above average temperatures on the order of +3 or more degrees above the normal. In the light blue, temperatures could be either -1 to -2 degrees below the norm. In the darker shade of blue in PA and Upstate NY, temperatures over the next two weeks could average -2 or cooler than the norm. This is interesting because the next 3-5 days should be exceptionally hot for this area in the blue shading in the East. Many areas will be in the 90's to near 100 degrees come Tuesday and Wednesday. However, there are indications that temperatures will be very cool "for this time of year" after this heat wave. We are talking about averages near 80 degrees in the Northeast to nearing 90 in the Mid Atlantic and NC, TN. So temperatures will be in the 70's in the Northeast and 80's in the Mid Atlantic to cause temperatures to average a tad below. You won't need the jeans and scarfs with this cool period, but if you're heading out West, bring the extra cool weather gear and prepare for some intense "dry" heat. Temperatures in MT could get well into the 100's and Death Valley, CA will likely surpass 120 degrees for the first time this year.

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