Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Brutally Hot Day

Tomorrow will be the last dangerously hot day in SNE. Today many towns got as high as 95-97 degrees, but many stayed within the 92-94 degree range. Boston officially hit 95 as of last check. Where I live, we only made it to 93 in my backyard. The temperature is not really going to drop much tonight. Lows in Boston, for example will likely stay in the mid-upper 70's. The suburbs will likely bottom out between 70-72 degrees tonight, a night to have on the a/c. This will be a nice starting point tomorrow with temperatures already nudging 80 degrees by 7-8AM. By noontime, temperatures will already be going over 90, in the 89-93 range. By 2PM temperatures should be in the mid 90's and around the 3-4PM hours we will be seeing our daytime highs between 94-98 degrees, with dewpoints in the 65-70 range, the real feel temperature will likely be in the 100-105 degree range. Expect another uncomfortable night for sleeping tomorrow night, again in the 70's.

For Boston to get our official heat wave, the high needs to hit 90 degrees on Thursday and I think they will be able to do it before the cold front moves in with showers and strong to severe thunderstorms. We could be setting ourselves up for the highest dewpoints at this time right before the strong cold front moves in. Today in the Chicago, IL area, dewpoints were in the 73-78 degree range ahead of the front which was in the Minneapolis, MN area around 12PM CDT. I believe the dewpoints will be very tropical around these parts, and will be in the 70-75 degree range. Coupled with temperatures around 90, the heat index will once again get into the upper 90's to around 100 degree range. Thunderstorms will mark the end to this oppressive heat and humidity and there could be a lot of severe storms out there as well, we will just have to stay tuned and report as they develop. Right now, everyone is fair game for these storms. We are now going out of the likely category for the development of these storms, towards the definite category, currently 80 percent sure.

After the severe weather Thursday night, we are back to refreshing New England air and temperatures in the 70's for several days after. We may warm up again late next week, but that is so far out I'll leave it at that.

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Andrew said...

Looking over the maps now, it looks like the showers and storms Thu PM, may stall on the South Coast and dump some significant rain on the South Coast through Thu night lasting possibly through early Friday AM. Basically, it looks slow to clear down South, on the South Coast and Cape Friday so beach and outdoor plans for Friday, especially early in the day, may be hampered.

That is the thinking right now. North of there, esp. the Pike, don't worry, it will clear out for you with temperatures in the mid 70's.

Just down South where there may be a problem early Friday with heavy rains, totaling close to 1-1.5"? If it still looks likely tomorrow, I will put it into the forecast. For now, I am forecasting for the front to push off the coast and have quick clearing Friday everywhere. This remains to be seen...just throwing it out there for weekend planners.