Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Quiet Pattern

Beautiful weather is in store for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a tad warmer than this afternoon and we will have more sun tomorrow to make it feel even more nice. In the morning, you may want to bring a light weight coat with you to the bus stop because it will be quite chilly for June, especially in the suburbs. The far NW suburbs of Boston, near Worcester, will likely fall to between 40-45 degrees tonight with upper 40's closer to Boston and around 50 in the cities. Tomorrow will rebound nicely into the mid 70's and we warm more on Friday, into the mid 80's.

Then I am a little concerned for the weather on Saturday. I am hesitant to go out and say that the high will be 65 regionwide because there will be a backdoor cold front with rain showers moving along that front which could deposit a tenth to quarter inch of water for eastern New England. This may be coupled with a stiff NE breeze and we know what happened last Sunday with the NE breeze and drizzle much of the day; temperatures dropping through the 50's in the afternoon. Could that happen again? Possibly, but I feel mid 60's are a good call at this point. If tomorrow it looks like that front will not penetrate this far SW, I will bump temperatures up by 5-10 degrees for eastern New England. Either way, if you live west of the CT River Valley, you will likely be in the 70's to around 80 on Saturday. We cool for Sunday before turning mild and sunny thereafter for much of next week.

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