Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rain on the Way for Most...

Today has turned out to be a little cooler than I expected. I thought that we would easily make it into the mid 70's, but we have struggled to get there and it is much cloudier than I thought. Right now skies are nearly overcast. The clouds are in advance of an approaching warm front that will warm us up for a one day stand tomorrow. I don't think we will bake tomorrow, but it will be much warmer than it has been the past two days. Highs tomorrow will have no problem getting into the lower to middle 80's, as I see it now. A few spots in western New England will see highs approach 90, but that will be a far cry from the lower to mid 90's with oppressive humidity in the Mid Atlantic where they are currently under a Heat Advisory. We won't get that hot here in Southern New England. Hartford, CT could squeak out a 90 or 91 tomorrow though. Showers and thunderstorms will turn severe tomorrow afternoon in Upstate New York. These storms will traverse into western portions of New England, but will likely weaken as they approach the eastern shores of New England.

These storms will transition to a solid plain rain and likely stall with a low pressure system developing out over the ocean. This developing low will push back towards the coast and give the chance of rain showers from the eastern parts of Maine, through eastern New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts. The rain could be quite heavy at times Friday night into early Saturday morning along the coast of Maine into New Hampshire, including Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH. This heavy band of rain could make it into the North Shore affecting places like Newbury, MA and Gloucester. Further inland of SW, the rain will be a little lighter, but even here, anywhere east of the CT/RI border, just west of Worcester, through Manchester, NH will still see good soaking rains during this timeframe with some spots picking up between a 1/4" and 1/2" of rain. Where the heaviest rain occurs, up to 1" to 1.25" is possible, but these amounts will be scattered at best.

We will try to clear this out for Saturday afternoon, but this is all dependent on the speed of the low pressure system out in the Gulf of Maine. If it develops quickly and moves out quickly, we could see clearing in the afternoon especially for eastern SNE, with the showers tapering. However if it doesn't move out quickly, we could be mired in showers through the afternoon and it could just be a cool, damp day.

There is an unstability shower chance on Sunday with puffy clouds billowing up in a cold unstable atmosphere, looking like a fall day almost. With the sun heating the ground, a few clouds may billow up enough to produce a brief shower or even thundershower, but that is just a slight chance at this time. It will be cool with highs on either side of 70. We clear out for good on Monday and thereafter, with temperatures seasonably mild, in the mid 70's. Can't ask for better, in my opinion.

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