Friday, June 22, 2007

Showers Friday and Sunday Before Heat Arrives

There are a few showers out there and developing this Friday afternoon. These storms could develop and cluster into more formadible storms that could produce some brief frequent lightning and maybe some small hail just because the air up above us is so cold. It won't take much to get the air mixed up enough to get some hail down to the surface. Right now around 12PM, there has been just some plain showers developing out through Vermont and New Hampshire. All this will lead to another cool day on Saturday with temperatures in the lower 70's, after seeing very cool morning lows in the upper 40's in some of the suburbs tonight. The urban areas will likely stay above 50 tonight. Boston will likely stay around 55. Sunday we will warm up a tad before some thunderstorms possibly arrive in the afternoon. These thunderstorms will mark te return of the heat and possibly humidity. Highs Monday should be tolerable, highs should get into the mid 80's. Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures should get into the lower to mid 90's regionwide and if dewpoints make it into the 65-70 range, heat indices could top 100 degrees and the NWS would have to put up a Heat Advisory for SNE at this time. That is to be seen at the current time, so we'll see, but its something to watch nonetheless. Either way, its going to be HOT. A cold front will move towards us later in the week and cool us down eventually, but the timing is unsure at the current time.

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