Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Rainy Saturday

Rain and lots of it is in the forecast for today. There has been a persistent band of moderate to heavy rain between Route 495 and I-95 today. This band of heavy rainfall is slowly drifting south-southeastward and is now invading parts of Route 128, starting to rain in places like Stoneham through Waltham. Between 495 and 95, the rain has been sitting and producing copious amounts of rain in a short time period. Dopplar radar estimates are anywhere from between 1-2" of rainfall has already fallen and usually it is a little conservative, so some places may be going on 3" of rainfall with the rain falling between 1/4 to 1/2 an hour. I am going for 2-3" of rain for this area with lighter amounts to its west, where if you go out to Springfield, there hasn't been a drop of rain and likely will not see any rain. The band will move into Boston around 1-2PM and then the Cape later this afternoon around 5-7PM. Here I'm going for a general 1". Tomorrow will be a better day. Today is a good movie day or go get a good book and sit back and read. Thats all for now, I may try to get an extended forecast out later.

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