Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What a Surprise! More Heat on the Way

Big deal. More summertime heat is on the way for this week. We saw it last week with temperatures in the 90's, so this week's heat will only feel like moderate heat to me and you. Highs will only nudge 90 or so three straight days, Thursday through Saturday. First lets talk about tomorrow for the big game. First pitch is set for 6:37PM and it looks like Fenway will see some drizzle and a NE wind, keeping temperatures in check, mainly in the 60's at gametime after highs in the low 70's. Then the sun breaks out on Thursday and the temperatures soar. No worries of passing 85 degrees in many locations. In fact, a few spots may nudge 90 degrees, but since the highest recorded temperature in Boston is 90 degrees for the month of October (ever!), I was a little hesitant of putting up the 90. Instead I went for the 89. Upper 80's will stay in the the forecast for both Friday and Saturday. Lows as you can see will come up from the 30's and 40's of the past couple of mornings, back to around 70 degrees, especially in the urban areas. Boston will likely stay in the low 70's for overnight lows on Saturday morning, a nice launching pad.

Then we will have to deal with a pesky backdoor coldfront with the timing of it very unknown that the present time. I could be off with it by a day, leaving Sunday mostly sunny with highs in the 80's, instead, I am going to meet the forecast half way and go for a high in the 70's with increasing cloudiness with a developing NE wind off the chilly water, only in the upper 50's now. Monday will be an exceptionally cool day with a raw wind off the cold water, keeping temperatures in check, mainly in the mid 50's for highs. Thereafter, it looks like we should stay seasonable, no more 80's, at least from what I can see after this approaching bout of summer weather. Enjoy it, it could be out last.

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