Saturday, October 27, 2007

November Outlook

November can be a month of extremes here in Southern New England. We usually have wild temperature fluctuations with near record highs in the 70's one day and then the next could struggle to get out of the 30's. Boston, in the city itself, usually experiences its first frost in the first week of November. Also, since we have not seen our first flakes yet this season, I would bet that much of Southern New England will experience our first flakes this month. With the new timing change, we will turn our clocks back next weekend, the weekend of November 3rd-4th. This means that the sun will set at approximately 4:35PM here in eastern Massachusetts. This is both a good and bad thing as we will lose the hour of sunlight in the afternoon, but will gain that hour in the morning so that us early risers will not have to go to work and school in the pitch black like we have been doing for a long time, with the sun rising at around 7:20AM. So we got lots to talk about, the general pattern that sets up later this month usually determines what the upcoming winter will be like. If we get into a blowtorch, especially near Thanksgiving and an extended period of blowtorch, then we can bet that the winter will be another disappointment. We'll see. Here are the averages for Southern New England

Boston and its Nearby Suburbs November Averages_______________________

Boston.......November 1st 57/42

Boston.......November 30th 47/33

Boston's lowest temperature for the period is -2 degrees, set all the way back in 1875 on the 30th. The highest temperature was 83 degrees set on the 2nd. Boston will usually see its first snowfall this month with an average of 1.3" of snow for the month of November.

Bedford......November 1st 56/35

Bedford......November 30th 45/27

Bedford's lowest temperature for the month of November is -2 degrees as well set in 1989. It can still get warm with the highest temperature reaching all the way to 80 degrees set in 1994. I do not have Bedford's average snowfall, but Worcester, MA averages about 3.6" and Blue Hill, MA picks up about 2.7, so Boston's nearby suburbs generally see between 2-3" of snow for the month of November. Back in November 2004, many of Boston's suburbs picked up between 4-7" of snowfall in a clipper type snowstorm that would prove to be the beginning of a very snowy winter with much of SNE experiencing much above normal snowfall. Boston came in just shy of 90", while parts of Cape Cod, of all places saw over 110" of snow. That was a special winter.

That is it for now, many forecasters are calling for a warm winter here in SNE, so we will see what kind of pattern we get ourselves into by Thanksgiving. Hopefully they are wrong.

Go Sox tonight, its going to be cold in Denver for game three of the World Series, mainly in the middle 40's dropping into the upper 30's by game's end.

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