Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Great Night for a Sox Game Tonight

Perfect summer weather is still in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday, and Tuesday for that matter. This weather will be absolutely perfect, not like the warm weather we saw yesterday, when it was so digustingly humid out there with dewpoints around 70 all day. Nope, this warmth will be nice and refreshing. Highs tomorrow will be in the upper 70's to around 80. Tomorrow's record high for Boston is 79 degrees, and we could make a run at it. Monday will be a tad warmer with widespread highs around SNE getting over 80 degrees; mainly in the low to perhaps a few scattered mid 80's for highs. Is this Florida? Nope. Then we "cool" down for Tuesday with highs in the mid 70's and afternoon showers ahead of a cooler airmass when we wake up to temperatures in the upper 40's on Wednesday morning and then we will stay in the 50's, for highs the rest of the week, with lows getting back into the low 30's. I have yet to go below freezing yet this fall. Usually I have already gone sub-32 by the end of the first week of October and have had multiple sub-32 mornings, but my lowest temperature this fall season has be 37 degrees. We had a stretch of 3-4 mornings when temperatures were constantly in the upper 30's, so that helped bring on the fall foliage, which is absolutely AMAZING this year.

The game for the Sox looks great tonight with temperatures in around 70 for gametime and falling through the 60's during the course of the game. I will have the Game 7 forecast tomorrow morning, but here is the forecast for our 6-0 Pats in Miami, playing the 0-6 Dolphins.


New England @ Miami (1:00PM)

Kickoff.............................Chance Thunderstorms, (30 percent); Winds E-9 to 13 mph, 85

Halftime..........................Chance Thunderstorms, (40 percent); Winds E-11 to 18 mph, 88

End..................................Chance Thunderstorms, (30 percent); Winds E-6 to 12 mph, 86

*There is a slight chance of a cooling thunderstorm the entire game, so temperatures will drop into the 70's at any point if there is a thunderstorm with heavy rain and lightning and thunder. Other than that, the sun will be strong and it will be hot and humid with dewpoints running in the low to mid 70's. It will feel disgusting. A hard day to be running the ball a lot.

Red Sox forecast tomorrow.

Keep the Faith!!!!!

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