Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Chill Will Make a Return to SNE

Its pretty chilly out there this afternoon with temperatures in the mid 50's around SNE, under mostly sunny skies, after a rainy morning. Tomorrow will be another chilly day, but not a chilly as we will see later next week. Tomorrow morning sun will fade in the afternoon and clouds will thicken in the evening. After midnight, the chances of rain will increase and then we will see a general rainy day on Saturday. It will not rain the entire day, but generally, it will be a wet, damp, yet warm day with a gusty southerly wind. Highs could get near 70 degrees. Then that will all clear out on Sunday and we will see mostly sunny skies and temperatures about ten degrees cooler, mainly around 60 degrees. We step down some more on Monday with highs struggling to get to 50 degrees after morning lows in the mid-upper 20's in the suburbs and likely upper 30's in Boston. We stay rather chilly through the rest of the week and we will not see another mild Halloween like we saw last year with highs in the low 70's and trick or treat time in the 60's. This year, afternoon highs will get into the mid 50's and then by trick-or-treat time, temperatures will quickly fall through the 40's, before some showers may move in ahead of a very powerful front that will usher in the nation's first blast of wintertime cold. I see parts of Minnesota staying in the 20's for highs and by the end of next weekend, there will likely be lake effect snow coming off the Lakes in western New York state, with highs in the low 30's. Highs in SNE will likely stay in the 40's and low 40's at that. Could we be talking some snow for the northern mountains by the end of next week? Perhaps.

More on the forecast later and good luck to the Sox tonight.
Keep the Faith!!!!!

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