Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Warmer Times Ahead

Warmer times are on their way to SNE. Just one more day of real fall New England air, before some mild, moist air invades SNE. First let's talk about tonight. Once the sun sets right before 6PM, the temperatures wll plummet here from the 50's to 40's within a few hours. Then they will continue to drop overnight with our light winds and clear skies. We are talking about a morning like we saw yesterday morning, when Martha's Vineyard got down to 28 degrees. I see widespread lows in the lower 30's in Boston's suburbs with a few upper 20's in places like the cranberry bogs of SE MA, and Martha's Vineyard perhaps. This dry air will warm up quickly tomorrow, in some cases 30-35 degrees warmer from the morning lows. Then the clouds will move in later tomorrow afternoon and become quite thick on Thursday with a few widely scattered showers.

There will be a few more showers on Friday with a balmy breeze, boosting temperatures into the 70's. SW winds will bring in some rain on Saturday, heavy at times, for a period on Saturday late morning and early afternoon with perhaps 1-2" possible, cooler temperatures with highs around 70. We "cool" into the mid and upper 60's on Sunday before we really "bake" on Monday with highs getting back into the mid and upper 70's with a strong SW wind. At this time, Pittsburgh though Cleveland and West Virginia, temperatures will be approaching 80 degrees. I do not think we will hit 80, but a few spots will likely come close either Monday or Tuesday of next week. A cooldown later next week, we'll see.


Cleveland, OH

Red Sox @ Indians 8:30PM (CLEVELAND LEADS 2-1)

First Pitch..........Mostly Cloudy, Light Winds (S-10) 66

Last Pitch...........Mostly Cloudy, Light Winds (S-10) 64

Hopefully Wakefield can save us tonight!

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