Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time to Welcome in November

We have one more mild day before reality sets in again. Tomorrow will be a mild day, yet cloudy. There is a slight chance that we will see a few late afternoon showers or some drizzle out of those clouds, maybe some fog. Highs will generally be in the mid, maybe upper 60's after mild lows in the upper 40's. Friday will be a cold day with highs struggling to get to 50 degrees with a stiff NW breeze. Morning lows will be near freezing as well, so you will have to start up the car early to get all that frost off the front and back windshields. We will stay in this cool to cold regime for the next week or so after tomorrow with highs in the 50's for the weekend and then upper 40's for Monday before we will warm ahead of a cold front, propelling temperatures into the upper 50's and low 60's by midweek, next week. Before we get there, Boston will likely see its first freeze on Monday morning and the suburbs will likely fall into the low and mid 20's.

Of note, the GFS has backed off on the cold today progressively through the model suites, from 00z this morning to 18z this evening. Each has backed off the cold shot coming to the eastern and northern United States dramatically. However, the Euro is still going full force with this cold shot, of wintertime cold, so we will see if the GFS is just in a blip and had a bad day or if the Euro will start to turn more towards a GFS solution, warmer. We'll see. Thats all for now. A generally dry forecast and turning colder.

Tomorrow is November 1st. What will this month bring? Our first snow?

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