Saturday, October 06, 2007

Falling Back into Fall

It seems that we cannot shake the summer. Today was another day of 80's with a seabreeze dropping temperatures at the coast today. Today will be the last real summery day for a while. I don't see any 80's in the next two weeks. Temperatures will be on their way down during the next week, day by day. First tomorrow we will feel cooler with morning showers associated with a cold front moving on through. Tonight, the showers have some imbedded thunderstorms with frequent lightning and thunder in parts of Upstate New York and Vermont. A rather ominous looking thunderstorm is ready to move into northwestern Massachusetts as we speak. Then we really start to cool down after Monday tries to warm up, but fails to do so. We are only around 60 on Tuesday and then we are down into the 50's, middle 50's at that with unsettled weather all the while. We may actually get some beneficial rainfall during the course of this week. A strong front moves through late Thursday to usher in some of the coldest air of the season on Friday with highs in the mid 50's and lows in the suburbs in the upper 20's to around 30 degrees. The end of the growing season in suburbia looks to be near its end. Get the last few tomatoes this week. It could be the last weekend for gardening. We'll see.

Until then, go Pats and go Sox!

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