Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let the Playoffs Begin

The Sox are starting up their World Series aspirations tonight against the Angels. The game should get off without a hitch. Temperatures will be around 70 and the sun is even peaking out through the clouds. The fog this morning was unbelievable where I live, visibility was no more than 100 feet at times. It all lifted by 9:30AM though. Now the sun is poking through. Tomorrow will be the first day of the warm weather with highs getting into the 80's. I have been outlining this warmup for a few days now and will not bore you with the details over and over. The forecast is pretty much the same as it was yesterday, just delaying the cold a day from Monday to Tuesday. Also, the Sunday forecast is a little bit in the air right now. Temperatures could be in the 80's or 60's, it all depends on the timing of a backdoor cold front. Likely, temperatures will start off warm for everyone and then later in the day the wind will shift at the coast and temperatures at Boston for instance will fall into the low 60's. Then its cool for Monday as the transition day, seasonably cool. Then we really feel fall Tuesday with highs in the 50's and lows getting below freezing in many suburbs, likely ending the growing season for good. If you can sneak by next week, consider ourselves lucky because the average first frost for Boston's suburbs is October 8th and Tuesday will be the 9th. We'll be on borrowed time. Boston doesn't need to worry until November 4th, on average.

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