Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Gloom and Doom"

I hope you enjoyed our Indian Summer. Its over. No more 80's for a very long time. In fact, it may be a while before we see the 70's again. This forecast is looking mighty depressing for sun lovers. The lawns and plants will appreciate it, however. This is the coolest forecast I've had to make since April or May. After tomorrow, highs will likely stay in the 50's. First we will talk of tomorrow. There will be a few showers around, nothing heavy, just scattered showers with the frontal boundry around the area. The same can be said for Tuesday, just that the front will slip further south of our area, bringing cooler temperatures, around 60. More in the way of steadier rain tries to move into SNE on Wednesday, moving in from New York. It looks like we could get light to moderate amounts of rainfall, a quarter to half inch. That will all move out on Thursday with the same thing going on. Few showers with the front around our area, keeping temperatures cool.

All the while, an area of low pressure will be developing off the coast of Virginia and northern North Carolina. This will become a bonified Nor'easter during the day on Friday and move its way up the coast to deliver some heavy rain and northeast gales starting Friday night and ending sometime on Saturday. The precipitation may even end as a little mixed rain and snow in the highest elevations in New Hampshire and Maine on Saturday night and Sunday morning. After the storm slowly drifts into the Canadian Maritimes, cold air will funnel down into the Northeast for the end of next weekend, delivering our some of our first frosts and freezes here in SNE. I can't see highs getting out of the low 50's next Sunday, and that will be with mostly sunny skies, with the wind gusting out of the NW. It will finally feel like fall this week. No more summer, for a while.

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