Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Record Warmth will Return to SNE, 80's?

Well, we are about to enter a gloomy, but warm, period of weather here in SNE. If you were observant this afternoon, you would have noticed some high altitude clouds moving in from the west. The thickened and now it is mostly cloudy out this evening in SNE. Tomorrow will generally be a mostly cloudy, overcast day, with some brightening of the overcast, but at other times, some light drizzle or rain showers will be possible in any given location. Temperatures will be very warm with highs in the low 70's. Expect an even warmer day on Friday with a mostly dry day, allowing temperatures to shoot into the mid and upper 70's possibly, with rain not developing until perhaps the late afternoon. (5-7PM) The rain will come down heavy Friday night with some scattered thunderstorms possible. I am thinking that many spots will likely come close to three-quarters to one inch of rainfall, helping with the moderate drought that we are in at the current time.

It should come to a gradual end, by about 9AM on Saturday with highs still warm on Saturday; mainly in the low 70's. We will be warm again on Sunday with the real warmth coming in on Monday when some spots will be challenging record highs. The record high for Boston is 83 degrees on Monday and I think that Boston will make it into the lower to perhaps middle 80's which will be absolutely amazing for the 22nd of October! The warmth should ease after Tuesday, back to the 50's and 60's by late week, next week. Hopefully a permanent return to fall and no more summer, at least the 80's.


Boston @ Cleveland (CLE leads series 3-1)

8:00PM Gametime

First Inning.........Chance Showers (50 percent), Winds S- 10 to 20mph....66

Last Pitch............Showers Likely (60 percent), Winds S- 10 to 20mph....65

*There is a chance of a rain delay at any point in the game. At the start of the game, showers should be ending before round two of the showers moves in during the late night hours, bringing a rainy Friday morning in Cleveland. There is a small chance of thunderstorms as well. This storm system will arrive in Boston on Friday night, with a chance of thunderstorms too.

Keep the Faith!!!!!

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