Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unpack the Shorts and T-Shirts for Later this Week

Just when you thought that you could pack away all your summer wear and light clothing, you will need to unpack that box down in the basement and bring it back up. This diagram to the right shows that we will still need our fall weather gear for the next 2-3 days as highs will come up into the upper 50's with lows down into the 30's for many areas. However, that high pressure area will move off the Mid Atlantic coast by midweek and position itself near Bermuda by the end of this upcoming week. It will be a "Bermuda High." Famous for SW winds and warm temperatures for SNE. The warmth will start Thursday, but really work in here on Friday. Ahead and right before the warmth ends, there will be some heavy rainfall, periods of heavy showers that look to be on Thursday and perhaps again sometime next weekend. Highs on Friday look to be very warm with highs getting up into the mid and upper 70's in Boston. If you head a little farther south, NYC will be pushing 80 degrees again and the Capital will be in the lower to middle 80's, feeling more like mid-late August than mid-late October.

Interesting to note, Boston's low temperatures by the end of this week will come up to around 60-65 degrees, which is more in line with our average high temperature this time of year. I want to say that we will cool down to more seasonable levels by the end of next weekend, after experiencing highs in the 70's on Saturday again and cooler Sunday. But this year it seems like the warm spells last a lot longer than the computer models initially forecast several days out. We will see. I have yet to hit the freezing mark yet this season. All the plants are still very much alive in my backyard, now the fall foliage is starting to make it look more like fall, but that is mainly do to the declining sunlight during the days.

Good luck to the Pats this afternoon for their deul in Dallas. Red Sox, well, we'll do better tomorrow, just don't let Eric Gagne pitch anymore. All right, Tito?

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