Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Warm and Humid then Storms Wed PM

Today started our foggy in eastern New England with the fog developing as the air temperature and the dewpoint met each other around 1AM last night. The fog was quite thick around sunrise where I live and stayed thick in Boston for a while this morning. now the sun has burned through the fog and temperatures have responded well. Highs this afternoon will likely get to between 82-88 degrees.

Tomorrow may start off foggy again, but the sun will burn out in the early morning again. The sun will make temperatures soar once again to between 85-90 degrees with very high humidity. Dewpoints will stay in the 70-75 degree range once again tomorrow. Then the clouds will roll in again and rain and thunderstorms, some strong will invade our area and some spots could see some locally heavy rainfall. Up to an inch of rain could fall in some towns, while others will probably see a tenth of an inch if that.

Drier air, still warm though, moves in later in the week.

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Anonymous said...

The COLD weather today in E MA was due to a shallow layer of maritime air--in response to a backdoor that moved through the region last night. Winds have been out of the E/SE all day, maxing Boston's temps in the low 70s. The fog was only in response to the shallow cold air.