Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beginning of a Drought; No Relief in Site

This forecast is great for late summer vacationers, but it is not great for our lawns, plants, and gardens. This is really starting to get serious and towns are running out of water, imposing water bans. Currently, there are 32 towns in the Commonwealth that are imposing some type of water ban, limiting outdoor water use. A little relief is possible tonight with some whaning thunerstorms moving down from northern New England, but that will exactly be it, whaning thunderstorms. Actually, some towns won't even get a drop of rain out of this frontal system. It may bring in a few clouds overnight and early Friday, but those will likely break in the late morning and afternoon, yielding a beautiful day. Then its nice and sunny, southern California weather through the next 7-10 days.
This is a map from the U.S. Drought Monitor and is now showing southern New England in some type of drought, the beginnings of a drought and it looks like it will get more severe as time goes on without any type of rainfall.
We are in the first shading, the color yellow. Yellow stands for D-0, which means that it has been and is abnormally dry. This outlook comes out once a week and we will likely see more of southern and even central New England in the yellow shading, and some parts of southern New England may pass into D-1, a moderate drought. The top layer of soil is really getting baked out as we have nearly 100 percent sunshine days which really evaporates any water on the surface of the soil. That is why many of your lawns are starting to turn brown and crusty. Also, this is partially why that some trees have decided to lose leaves early and turn prematurely as well. It will likely be a poor year for fall foliage this year with early leaf loss inhibiting nice color and the color that does develop in October will likely be dimmed a bit because of early changing. We'll see.

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