Thursday, August 23, 2007

Excessive Heat

The hottest weather of the summer season is coming to SNE. The highest temperature so far in Boston this summer is 96 degrees. Today is the last cool afternoon, but the humidity is moving in as we speak, even though temperatures are in the mid and upper 60's this afternoon. They will stay there all night as well and then we will see a nice jumpstart tomorrow morning with temperatures around 70, we will get near 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon with increased humidity.

Temperatures will really get HOT on Saturday with a SW wind sending in all the excessive heat that has been in the lower Ohio Valley, in the Southeast, and down South. Temperatures will likely be near record highs, the record for the date in Boston is 96 degrees. Boston will probably get to 97 degrees. Some spots will get near 100 degrees, believe it or not, after all this cool air. Sunday is nice, and Monday is cooler before we warm up again later next week.

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