Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Perfect Thursday

Tomorrow is going to be the best day of the summer. One-hundred percent sunshine with temperatures around 80. There may be a few afternoon wispies, but that would be just about it. It will be perfect for the beach, pool, yardwork, or what ever is on your to do list.

The same can't be said about Friday and Saturday. Its not going to rain nonstop for both days, but it will just have that unsettled look to it and we could see periods of rainfall and showers. We aren't talking inches upon inches of rain like we can see in the springtime, but it will be enough to cause puddles and maybe cancel a few baseball games on Friday evening. It will be a nuisance rain at most. Friday will be the wettest day with cool highs only getting to around 70 with a raw NE wind. Saturday will come up a few degrees, mainly because there will be more dry periods and if we get some sun, highs could make it to around 80 or slightly higher.

Sunday we start to cook again with highs back into the upper 80's in much of SNE before another round of showers tries to cool us down again on Monday, yielding a great Tuesday. Its like we are in an every other day cycle. We get a dry day followed by a wet one. Two dry days, followed by two unsettled days. The cycle will continue. At least for a little while longer.

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