Monday, August 06, 2007

Hot, Oppressive Tuesday

Tomorrow will be one of those days that you will not want to be outside for too long, not because of rain, snow, or freezing cold, but for the oppressive humidity. Dewpoint temperatures could be at their highest levels for the entire summer thus far.

We have seen dewpoints in the 70-72 degree range quite common in the humid spells so far this summer. However, parts of southernmost New England tomorrow could experience dewpoint temperatures well into the mid to perhaps upper 70's. Most places will fall in the 73-77 degree range tomorrow concerning dewpoints. Combined with temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, the heat index could very well be in the 96-99 degree range. Consider ourselves lucky because tomorrow temperatures will likely be in the upper 90's in New York City and Philadelphia and low 100's in Baltimore and Washington DC. Some places in the Mid Atlantic will likely see temperatures in the 100-105 degree range for two (2) consecutive days. Thereafter, the will likely stay in the 90's throughout the rest of the week.

We, on the other hand, will have two warm days. Tomorrow with temperatures around 90 and Wednesday with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. Humidity will be high on both days. Then we will start to really cool off and all the heat will be surpressed south of NYC. Temperatures will return to more normal levels after Wednesday's bout of rain and thundershowers, similar to what we endured this afternoon in much of eastern New England and northern New England. Parts of Maine saw a quick 1-2" of rainfall from this latest bout of downpours. Seasonable this time of year is around 80 degrees. In fact, skies will start to get increasingly cloudier by Saturday and that is when eastern New England could see highs stuck in the low to mid 70's for highs. SNE could see highs in the 70's for an extended period thereafter as well, with higher temperatures farther inland, as would be expected in the early to middle part of August.

The tropics have returned to their quiet ways after last week's hiccups. Chantal did not do much as it rocketed NE out into the "Graveyard." The tropic wave that looked promising this time last week really turned out to be a dud as well, basically disintergrating over the Yucatan. There is a weak tropical wave north of the Windwards as we speak, but no immenent development is anticipated. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky with these developments. The NHC has lowered its forecast numbers for this year as well, so it could turn out to be a non-year for hurricane enthusiasts hoping for a big one. We'll see.

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