Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boston's 4th Heatwave of the Summer?

Today was one of the hottest days of the summer season. Temperatures in many communities got well into the mid and upper 90's. The magic number for many towns seemed to be 95 and 96 degrees. Boston came in this afternoon with a peak temperature of 95 degrees with a dewpoint in the low 70's, making it feel like 104 degrees at the worst today. Yesterday hit 91 degrees at Logan so we could set the table for a late August official heatwave in the city of Boston and many other towns, if we hit 90 degrees tomorrow, which I think we will be able to do. There will be a few clouds early on with showers exiting and then the clouds will break and we will get residual heat, making it back to between 87-91 degrees.

Overnight lows will be absolutely disgusting tonight with temperatures staying in the mid to upper 70's. Can't take it? Well then wait until Monday when temperatures will cool about 10 degrees and the humidity will be taken down a few notches. Highs should get into the low 80's, but it won't feel as hot. Then we set the table for a perfect couple of days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs should be in the mid 80's under mostly sunny skies. Its too bad many towns go back to school this week. The kids will be stuck inside watching the nice weather this week, because by the weekend, it looks like we could be getting into more of an unsettled pattern once again with cool temperatures.

Its the end of August and that means that our weather is starting to transition from one extreme to another. If you booked a beach vacation, you have to be weary about this towards the end of the summer because you can get hot days, like today, but you can also get stuck with a stretch of cool cloudy days like we saw the past several days. Less crowds, though. Pick your poison.

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