Sunday, August 19, 2007

Frost Advisories Up North

Many towns woke up to a very cool morning this morning with lows getting down into the 40's in many suburbs. The big winner was as usual, Norwood, MA. The came in with an overnight low of 39 degrees! They hit the upper 30's just before 6AM this morning with 3/4 mile visibility in heavy fog. What a start to a mid August morning. Bedford, MA that usually comes in second was not reporting last night so we can not get an accurate account of how low the temperature fell there last night. Where I live, the temperature fell to 51.1 degrees overnight. We still have got a couple cool mornings and days to get through before we see the major warmup.

This cool weather has prompted the NWS to issue a Frost Advisory for the northern counties of New Hampshire and northwest Maine. Overnight lows there tonight and Tuesday morning will likely fall into the lower to mid 30's, causing some patchy frost. Thereafter we warm up and we are back in the 80's to near 90 by late week.

Next update on Dean later today.

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