Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Cold August Morning

We woke up to a cold morning this morning all across New England, especially in the lower elevations of SNE. Temperatures really cooled off nicely with no wind last night and clear skies, perfect for radiational cooling. Yesterday was a cool day to start with so with highs right around 60, and then the skies clearing right at sunset, it set the stage for an abnormally cool morning this morning, especially in Boston's nearby suburbs.

The big winner last night was Norwood, MA. Overnight they fell to a chilly low of 41 around 4-5AM this morning. Bedford, MA was also very cold this morning, coming in with a low of 45 degrees. Boston, protected by the ocean and being a big city with lots of concrete to hold in the day's heat, stayed in the middle 50's, falling to a comfy 56 degrees, still very cool for the city of Boston in mid August. There is nothing like a crisp August morning with heavy dew and temperatures in the 40's and 50's widespread. The temperature rose some 40 degrees in Norwood this afternoon with temperatures getting all the way to the lower 80's there this afternoon.

Don't expect low 40's in Norwood tonight. They will probably have another cool night, maybe mid 50's, but tomorrow they along with the rest of SNE will start to bake once again with temperatures getting back in the 85-90 degree range for Sunday and again on Monday. Humidity will be low with dewpoints in the 55-60 degree range so it will be tolerable.

I will try to put out an extended forecast for this upcoming week. It looks to be a good one for vacationers.

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