Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Early Look at Friday's Rain

The latest guidance is showing some decent rainfall, especially for far southern New England now for Friday and into early Saturday, unfortunately. I though that this system would try to develop a little slower and more south of Long Island, but it now appears that it will get its main rain band all the way up past Boston, maybe even into southern New Hampshire. As this system gets closer to the coast, an area of low pressure will develop around Long Island Sound and this will do nothing more than to enhance the area of rain and cause the rain to get quite heavy along the CT coast, into most of Rhode Island and into the Hartford metro area. Boston to Worcester will not fair that well with the latest runs of the models as well. Moderate rain on the tune of one-half to one-inch is possible with this rain that will come just before this weekend.

Where it falls heaviest, in the yellow shading, a good 2" or more of rain can be anticipated. This will raise the concern for some street and small river flooding believe it or not. We will not have flooding in the Boston area, but it will be one of those rainy days that you kind of need in the summer just to make you sit back and take a second. So, if you have to get to the beach this week, make sure that you call in sick tomorrow because Friday will be anything but a beach day.

I will make another forecast for this tomorrow. Maybe we can push the flooding rains south off of the South Coast and spare unnecessary headaches.

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Andrew said...

Heaviest rain looks like it is farter south on the models this morning. It only manages to get the nuisance rain up to the MA/NH border. North of Manchester, you will probably stay dry.

The heaviest rains will fall south of NYC, so even the South Coast will just see scattered heavier showers...

2" may be overdoing in Boston, probably .2-.5" of rain and maybe an inch somewhere on the South Coast...

Overall it looks much better than how it did yesterday.