Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot Start to August...

Today was just one of those days that was just perfect. Mostly sunny skies, low humidity, temperatures around 80, and a light breeze. You really cannot get much better than that. Maybe a Utopia.

The weather will not stay that perfect in the coming days. Temperatures will really start to heat up come tomorrow with temperatures getting up to the lower 90's in many areas, aside from the Cape and Islands of course. The humidity will start to get into that uncomfortable range tomorrow as well. Dewpoints should get into that 65 degree range by tomorrow afternoon and evening again as well.

Friday will be one really hot day here in southern New England. Temperatures will be in the mid 90's before some really big boomers arrive later in the afternoon and evening from the WNW to the SE. Some of these storms could be quite severe with large hail, strong winds, frequent lightning and heavy flooding rains. It will clear out quickly however and we will have a really nice weekend. Temperatures will be in the mid 80's in the Boston metro area on Saturday and then on Sunday we will start to warm up again to around 90 and we will likely stay around 90-95 degrees for the next several days, probably not seeing an end to the 90 degree temperatures until the middle or end of next week, barring a backdoor cold front of course. Another heatwave? Maybe.

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