Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tree Downed in Woburn...US Route 3

Driving home today through the Woburn area, there was a rather intense little shower that moved through parts of Boston's immediate NW suburbs. I noticed the clouds got dark and the rain fell heavily for a few minutes with very gusty winds associated with this shower.

The winds were so intense that they caused a tree to be downed right onto the main road in Woburn near Four Corners and the I-95 JCT. There was a major backup all the way into Winchester with this downed tree as it took up one side of the street, only allowing one lane to get by at a time.

This band of showers, without thunder, oddly, marks the drier air moving into SNE tonight and overnight lows will likely get into the mid 50's in some of SNE tonight! More on the forecast later.

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