Saturday, November 03, 2007

Winter Weather Looming

Winter weather is only about a few days away from entering southern New England. The rain and wind will end tonight after about 1-3" in the Boston metro area and 3"+ down on the Cape. Tomorrow will be a nice day to dry out with mostly sunny skies and temperatures into the mid and upper 50's. Then we will see the clouds roll back in on Monday with some rain showers developing on Tuesday with the threat of rain the entire day as the cold air will be waiting behind the arctic cold front. Then we get to some early level wintertime cold with highs in the mid 40's on Wedesday and then around 40 on Thursday and Friday with the threat of some type of storm system moving in from the Great Lakes later Friday that has been all over the place on the models for the past few days. Some days it looks like we will get it looking like we will be hit hard and others, not so much. We will see.

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