Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weekend Storm is a No Go...

The once promising weekend storm that looked to deliver our first snowfall has fallen through the cracks today. All models have taken the GFS route and have totally taken this storm way out to sea and barely has it develop out at sea. Its a no go. Also, the cold shot behind today's rain does not look as severe as it did a few days ago. It has really moderated to near seasonable levels, only slightly below normal highs on Thursday through Saturday, but next week, the jet will flatten to allow some mild Pacific marine air into the lower 48 and we will all see moderating temperatures. By Monday of next week, we could be seeing highs in the low 60's as a storm system will be starting to cut through the Lakes, which will push in the SW gales and warm gales at that. There are signs that a storm will try to split with one that goes through the Great Lakes while the other one stays back an allows to first to deliver some cold air to the northern States, towards the middle of next week, allowing the southern piece of the storm to develop in the TV and head NE towards the northeast with a swath of moderate to heavy snow somewhere from Chicago to northern NJ and New England. If Chicago gets a snowstorm, we will stay on the warm side and see a showery week with abnormally high temperatures in the 60's. We'll see how that works. Its a long way out.

Enjoy our tranquil week, weatherwise, this week. The NAO is tanking later next week, so the storminess will return after todays heavy rains.

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