Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thursday Soaker

We have one heck of a soaker coming for Thursday, all day. The rain will likely start early in the day and stay moderate to heavy throughout the day as a frontal system moves slowly through the area. A quick shot of 1-2" of rainfall is likely throughout all of New England, through Thursday afternoon. Then all eyes shift south to just off the Delaware and New Jersey coasts. A little area of low pressure will try to get its act together on the front and surge an area of precipitation into all of New England starting later Thursday into the evening and overnight hours. How much precipitation we get is still in question and how cold it will be will determine if we see our first flakes for the 2007-2008 season. 12z GFS was a little more ominous with its snow signal for southern New England compared to the 18z GFS, but we will see. NAM is showing backlash snows for southern New England, so it cannot be discounted, I just have hard times in seeing snowfall after heavy rains here in southern New England. In the Boston area, we rarely go from a balmy rain to a snowfall, not even accumulating snowfall. Its possible, but not likely in the Boston to Hartford areas.

More likely, parts of Maine will see more snowfall. Good for the ski areas, at least. I'll keep you updated.

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