Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back to Cold then Warm then Cold

Our seesaw ride continues. After having highs in the low and middle 60's this morning with the sun shining around sunrise, feeling like a mid July morning, the cold air has ushered back into southern New England. Tomorrow will be a seasonably cold day with highs generally in the low 40's. Then a warm front will move back through the area and we will warm up ahead of a few showers on Thursday with the rain showers being snow showers up in northern New England, mainly Maine, where a couple inches of snowfall can be expected. After the clipper event on Thursday we go back into the deep freeze with temperatures going into the 30's on Friday and then likely stuck in the upper 20's to low 30's on Saturday, despite the abundant sunshine.

Then comes the storm threat for the end of the weekend and Monday. Yesterday and as early as this morning, it looked like we were going to see our first significant snowstorm of the season, but the models have since changed and most it not all of calling for a Lakes Cutter, so that warm air will surge into SNE on a southerly gale and warm us up enough to see plain rain. Ahead of the warm front, we may start as a brief initial period of rain/snow/sleet, but that would quickly transition to rainfall, especially near the coasts. If you want to see all snow, you would have to travel to the far reaches of Northern New England, and even there, a wintry mix cannot be ruled out. Some models go as far as to bring temperatures up into the 50's and 60's again with showery rains into areas of southern New England on Monday, similar to today, especially south of the Mass Pike.

Basically, if you were hoping for a snowstorm to end the weekend, our chances of seeing significant snow are dwindling and FAST!

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