Sunday, November 04, 2007

Turning Very Cold; Snow Late Week?

Enjoy the 50's while we still have them. We will be falling into the 40's for the majority of the week this week after Tuesday's rains. First tomorrow will be a nice day with the slight chance of a few sprinkles, especially over southeastern MA and RI. The rain on Tuesday will be associated with a cold front and will move through the area late tomorrow night and early Tuesday morning. We are not talking inches upon inches of rain, but just enough to mess up the morning commute. It will clear out later in the afternoon and the cold air will rush into southern New England. Wednesday and Thursday will be very cold with highs in the low-mid 40's. Friday morning clouds will roll in and light snow may develop in southern New England from a clipper type system with a borderline rain/snow event for the northern Mid Atlantic and southern New England. The GFS has been advertising this event for a while now and could be showing us when our first snows will be.

These clipper type storms can be there one day and the next be vanished, so stay tuned, but for the last few nights, the GFS has been showing something for next weekend. Stay tuned.

Until then, bask in the glory of a Celtics OT win this afternoon against the Raptors and the AMAZING win by the Pats over the dreaded Colts and Manning tonight. 9-0!

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