Monday, November 12, 2007

Warmer least for a little while

That blob of seasonably cool air is quickly retreating this Monday morning. Its still pretty chilly out there with nearly 11AM temperatures in the mid 30's under overcast skies, smelling of snow. There were a few flurries in southern New Hampshire this morning, but most moved offshore, leaving Massachusetts unaffected by them. That warm front will move through all of southern New England later tonight and stall right in central Maine, leaving the northern part of the state in the cold air, so they will see 1-3" of snowfall tonight, while most of us deal with a few showers overnight, quickly ending before sunrise, even down on the Cape and Islands. Tomorrow afternoon the skies will clear and that southwest, west wind will really start to warm us into the mid and upper 50's. I would not be surprised if someone in southwest Connecticutt came a little over 60 degrees. The same can be said for Wednesday, upper 50's, smelling of spring, but that will all come to an end on Thursday morning with some windswept showers, switching to snow showers over parts of northern New England, ushering in some very cold air for Friday, with high temperatures likely in the low 30's North; low 40's South.

Merry Christmas, oh sorry, the radio switched to Christmas tunes this morning on 103.3 and 105.7.........only about 40 shopping days left.

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