Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blustery Friday to Wintertime Cold

We have ourselves a blustery Friday on the way. How was today, though? The temperature hit 70 degrees at about 10AM this morning in Taunton, MA for about fifteen minutes. Then the rain moved in around 3PM in eastern Massachusetts and fell heavily for about three hours, causing ponding in the streets and fender benders all around town this afternoon. It was a mess. A second batch of rain is moving up from the Atlantic as we speak and this will be over our area as the temperatures continue to drop through the night, into the 30's for eastern southern New England. As that happens, any raindrops will turn over to snowflakes for the morning drive, but there will not be any accumulation of the sort. Just decorative snow to go with that Christmas music for the car ride into work. That will all wrap up early in the morning, any time before 9-10AM and then it won't be all that cold, mid-40's, but it will be windy, with windchills in the mid-upper 30's all day. It will have that damp-cold feeling all day.

Wintertime cold moves in after a front passes through on Saturday night and we will only see highs in the middle 30's on Sunday afternoon! The clipper system looks to continue heading to our south as even now the GFS has backed away from its once promising snowfall forecast from yesterday. That said, there may be a few snow flurries or sprinkle south of the Mass Pike early Sunday morning, but that would be about it. Nothing even remotely significant. A nonevent. Waking up Monday morning will be tough with widespread lows in the 10's in southern New England will lows in the single digits up North.

However, the NAO eases and heads back POSITIVE later next week and that will allow the warmth to move over the northeast once again, with temperatures getting back to 60 degrees by midweek and that would be Thanksgiving. Right now, I think the Thanksgiving holiday looks great with partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low 50's for the 10AM games. Its way out there, but at least there won't be weather on that day for the games, at least thats how it looks now. These models can flip on a moment's notice. So, stay tuned, as usual.

So get ready for the possibility of our first flakes tomorrow morning and get ready for a really chilly weekend.

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