Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Snows from Clipper

I know that the swath of snow with this clipper looks ominous, but I highlighted the areas in light blue that have a chance of seeing at least a half inch of snow. Most places in the light blue will generally see a coating to one inch of sloppy snow. Where the darker blue is, is where we will see snowfall totals closer to the 3" mark. These areas will be confined to the UP of Michigan and northeast Pennsylvania, where the 00z NAM is absolutely clobbering with up to 0.75" accumulated QPF. It will be cold enough for most of this to be snow, with temperatures in the mid 30's to start, but falling into the upper 20's during the night in northeast PA. Scranton, PA may wind up with 3-4" of snowfall, believe it or not. I have most of the state of New Jersey and even New York City in the light blue. Accumulation in NYC and near the Jersey shore will be little or none. There will be flakes falling from the sky, however, Friday night in most of New Jersey and in Times Square. All of this will snake southwest of most of southern New England, leaving us high and dry. The ocean storm will miss us and the snow from this 'Norlun' type trough will miss us as well. Stay tuned though.

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