Thursday, November 22, 2007

Return to Cold, For a Little While

Today was absolutely amazing. The warmth was amazing. The fog last night and early this moring Pike north was wicked thick and soupy. Once that moved to the north, the sun broke out and the temperatures soared to give us a fantastic Thanksgiving. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was done this morning with temperatures around 65 degrees! It felt more like a Memorial Day Parade. Temperatures down on the South Shore into Providence were amazingly warm as well. Providence hit a high of 67 degrees with Norwood coming in at 66 degrees. I should have stuck with my forecast from a few days ago. Here where I live, I hit 59 degrees and have since seen the winds shift to North and the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees in the matter of an hour and a half and still falling.

This will usher in the cold and an end to the extreme warmth at least until the next storm system moves in for the early to middle part of next week. First tomorrow will be a much colder and windier day with highs only managing mid to upper 30's. It will feel more like late December, early January out there. Overnight lows will really plummet on Friday night. Low in the suburbs will come down to between 10-15 degrees. The cities will hold onto the warmth a bit longer, with lows coming down to between 25-30 degrees, in Boston. Providence/Hartford will fall to 20-25 degrees.

Then we will start to warm up ahead to the next storm and then we will be talking about a warm windswept rain for Tuesday through the day, likely tapering later in the afternoon with temperatures dropping later. Then we will be back to the cold and wind for Wednesday.

Any snow in the forecast? I don't see it right now. It looks to be dry this weekend when we would have cold enough temperatures to produce snowfall, but once we get some precipitation the temperatures will warm enough for us to see all rain on Monday night into Tuesday.

Thereafter, its too far to know for sure what will happen. These computer models are bad enough going 3-4 days out.

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