Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just Wide Right

That pesky clipper Saturday will be bugging meteorologists across the northeast until Saturday evening when it is long past New England. I am still going for a miss of New England. There will be a batch of rain/snow showers going through Pennsylvania and New Jersey tomorrow afternoon with no accumulation, different from yesterday, and that will slide harmlessly out to sea and become apart of a bigger ocean storm. This storm will rapidly gain steam and become an ocean monster. It will be just SE of the 40/70 Benchmark, as close as it can be without affecting New England in a major way with heavy rain/snow and winds and waves. That said, there could be scattered showers down on the Cape and if a few of these showers makes it north of the Pike and especially to elevations above 500 feet, there will be a few scattered snow showers, that could give a sugar dusting. Again, this storm will JUST be missing southern New England, but it will be a miss nonetheless. Skies will clear Saturday night and we will have moderating temperatures into next week with highs approaching 60 degrees with rain by midweek. We'll see. Guidance out that far is all over the place right now.

Stay tuned for updates on the storm track. Updates from the computer models always come out just before 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, and 6PM, daily. Expect big updates every 5-6 hours. Any slight shift NW, will mark a major change in our weekend forecast.

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