Thursday, November 30, 2006

MONDAY STORM UPDATE: Looks to be "Out to Sea"

Its 70 degrees in Boston right now at 2:30PM. We beat the record high previously held by an 1885 temperature of 68 degrees. Tomorrow will be another warm one with highs in the mid to upper 60's again. Rain will develop during the morning and become steadier and heavier as the day progresses. We could get a thunderstorm too, with up to 1-2" still of rain. Nothing compared to the 12-18" of snow in northern Oklahoma today with a swath of 6-12" from KC to STL to CHI. We will be missing out on that one.

It also looks like we will be missing out on the Monday storm as well. I was hesitant to take it completely out of the forecast, but run after run since last night of the GFS has continued to take this storm well out to sea, perhaps giving the Cape and passing flurry or sprinkle. The cold behind the storm does not look to be as harsh as previously thought as well. It will still be chilly with highs in the upper 30's, but not the upper 20's it looked like yesterday. This is mainly because yesterday's runs were taking into effect a snowcover, which is not going to happen now. I should have stuck with my guns in the beginning telling Jen to fo-get about it. The Canadian that was showing a hit yesterday is taking this storm even further out to sea than the GFS now. I am not buying into this storm. Its going to be a bust! Do not get your hopes up, just pretend there was never any chance of it coming here and you'll feel better. No snow looks to be in our immediate future.
As Eric and Ray say...NEXTTT!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ERIC- Looks like we will be starting on the same exact note that we left off on last winter. Either the storms went way to our the one we are seeing now with a blizzard in Oklahoma to Chicago, and then when it finally got cold they go way to our south.

This B-L-O-W-S!!!

And 70 today? The trees are about to bud and the flowers will be poking through soon!

Anonymous said...

RAY- I reserve the right to issue my own "Next"!!!!!!!!, and I am NOT doin' it yet!!! This storm WILL give us our first flakes, nothing significant, but this storm will indirectly squeeze out a few flakes, and possibly even up to an inch in E MA.

Anonymous said...

ERIC- GFS is taking storm WAY out to sea under us with perhaps the slightest chance of a flurry.

NAM is much closer to the coast giving some accumulating snow (light) to east SNE.

BTW its 6:30AM on December 1st and the temperature with the time is 67 degrees!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ERIC- Is there any truth to these trends?


Joel said...

Hello Eric, long time no see (I know, I haven't updated in a while).

Anyway, looks like you cancelled this event too early.

If 00z runs keep up current trend, SNE will be faced with a snowstorm...a rather decent one at that.

18z NAM showing >1" of precip for most of E NE. A bit of rain, but turning to snow with sig. accumulation PVD-BOS.

Anonymous said...

RAY- Hey Joel, I didn't cancel sh**! : )lol Looks like a good 4-8" for interior sections, but this could change again, first flakes are a lock as I said earlier.