Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Brighter Than Sunshine"

Okay. It is now the halfway point in November, Boston's gloomiest month. Well, Boston has lived up to that reputation the past few days with nonstop showery rains, fog, clouds, and drizzle. However, it has been unseasonably warm the past several days as well. Highs have been ranging from the upper 50's to mid and upper 60's. Averages for this time of the year should be around 52 degrees.

Guess what? Much of the same is forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow there will be limited or no rain. We actually may see some sunshine and if we do, you guessed it, highs back in the mid 60's. If not, upper 50's to around 60 is all right too. Highs around 60 again on Thursday with another rainstorm moving in for the night. Looks like this will be an all night rainstorm with about another 1-2" throughout much of SNE. That will move out Friday morning and highs will be "cooler" still above average, in the upper 50's to around 60.

Even colder air will move in this weekend and early next week with highs in the mid 40's. Lows will get back down below freezing again. Upper 20's are likely again by Monday morning. Travel Day Tuesday, the 22nd, looks to be nice across much of the eastern U.S. A storm will be out to sea, which the track has been fluctuating, but current indications are that it will stay well out to sea.

Thanksgiving looks to be nearing the end of our mini "Cool Spell." Highs on Thanksgiving should range from the upper 40's NW to lower 50's down on the Cape. Gametime temperatures should generally be in the lower to mid 40's. Thereafter, it looks like the rollercoaster ride will continue as temperatures will be back on the upswing. Highs back into the positive range with highs back well into the 50's.

The next significant cooldown does not look probable until early December after the Thanksgiving mini cooldown. As you know, these weather patterns are very finicky, so please check back with Southern New England Weather for updates.

See you soon.

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