Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is it Mid April?

Say adios to the rain, wind, and cool temperatures for a while. After today's late November Nor'easter, amazing there was no snow involved, it looks like things will be on the upswing.

It now looks like SNE is on the verge of another amazing warmup. Tomorrow with the storm departing, temperatures should respond nicely to between 55-60 degrees in much of SNE, exception will be Worcester, maybe only 50. If thats not a nice enough treat, wait until Saturday. There will be 100% sunshine and temperatures will be within a degree or two of 60.

Still not good enough? Well, then you will love Sunday. It should be mostly sunny again and highs should respond nicely up into the lower to middle 60's with dry conditions. No threat of rain. It will continue into Monday with highs in around 60. A frontal boundry will go throught the area Monday night-Tuesday and temperatures will "fall" to around or slightly above normal conditions. Mainly around 50. Wednesday southerly breezes will be back and highs should have no problem rebounding back well into the 50's. Right now it looks like Thursday of next week could be the warmest of the next bunch. Highs may be approaching mid-upper 60's. Its a long way out, so stay tuned.

FWI, parts of the DEEP SOUTH have already seen their first snow. Thundersnow was reported in Charleston, SC this past week. Snow accumulated up to 2" in Augusta, GA and snow was reportedly mixing in with light rain all the way down to the suburbs of ORLANDO, FL.

NOW TALK ABOUT WACKY WEATHER! A storm that brought SNOW to Orlando, FL is bringing ALL RAIN to New England.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

JEN- 60's again...Is this winter ever going to start?

Taking an educated guess...when do you think SNE will at least see its first snow of the season.

Anonymous said...

JEN- I mean, come on its nearly December...

Not that I am wishing for high heating bills this winter, but a little snow wouldn't hurt.

E.H. Boston said...

I am with you Jen. What is up with all of this warm air..

That goes to you Andrew and two seem to be the experts...whats going on...

Any break to this unbelievable weather pattern soon.

I am with Jen..we need SNOW...I can't believe Orlando beat us to the punch.

Thats embarrasing.

E.H. Boston said...

Oh yeah..thanks for posting Andrew...I thought you were going to be pulling a "Foot."

Andrew said...

Hey, it looks like we are all on at the same time.


Yeah, I am getting pretty sick of this ridiculous weather too.

There is hope for us though.

After next week's warmth, an arctic, and I mean Arctic push will be moving across the country. Highs in MT and the Upper Plains may struggle to get above ZERO.

Montana may stay below zero for highs by the middle of this week. All indications are that this cold air will be here by next week's end or next weekend. Highs here by next Saturday will probably be cold we are used to, lower to mid 40's, but Sunday and Monday could struggle to get above the freezing mark, especially you Jen outside of Worcester.

So, just stay in there and we will soon get out wish of cold (and snow?) Still yet to be seen.

I am betting it is not too much longer before that first good one:)

Andrew said...

Now I am going to eat my turkey leftovers.

Keep on posting away.

E.H. Boston said...

Wow, I can see that in the forcast models too. The latest run of the GFS seems to be going BA-ZERK at this point with lots of cold coming into the lower 48 in this time period of later next week and into 2 weeks from now, the first week of December. Looking at UNISYS MRF, it looks to the untrained eye that a GREENLAND BLOCK may be building out about 10 days from now. It does not take a genius to say that a GB along with a ridge developing in the PNW, equals a lot of cold air and increasing snow chances for the east coast. We will have to see. I was reading MATT NOYES blog earlier today and he says that we should be monitoring a shortwave after the initial heavy rain with the Arctic frontal boundry passes through. He says that we should be watching it for next Friday, Dec. 1, but it looks like that would not be until Saturday or Sunday of next week, as things look a little delayed right now. Could this be our first real SNOW THREAT? Lastly, I was reading on Eastern Wx Forums and one MEMBER level person was saying that the time period between Dec. 1-7 looks to be much of the same with brief shots of cool polar air and warmups with temperatures generally in the 40's and 50's on the east coast. How can this be possible with the prospects of being so cold next weekend which is the beginning of that forecast's time period? It seems a little poorly thought out. At least, I am hoping for your forecast to pan out and not his. Thats all for tonight, I think I'm going to get some of those Turkey Day leftovers and watch BC.