Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Borderline Rain/Snow Event Sunday

You heard it here first. There is the possibility of some snow around these parts this coming Sunday. Right now it is a very borderline event...could be rain could be snow.

First, after today's wicked rains, 2"+, tomorrow through Saturday will be absolutely perfect November weather. Highs tomorrow will range from the upper 60's to lower 70's. It will be a tad cooler Friday, but highs still should get into the 60's and we are back near or over 70 for Saturday, each day with sunny skies.

Then comes the fun....

A storm system will be coming at us from the west, northwest. It will have ample moisture, approaching one inch of liquid. There is no doubt that the first half of the storm will be ALL RAIN for all of New England, but then during the day on Sunday, cold air will be trapped into the storm and whatever leftover moisture is here on Sunday morning it will likely be snow, not rain. Obviously the higher in elevation you are, the better chance you will see the snow.

So, right now I would say that the chance of seeing snow here Sunday ranges from 20% in Boston, S&E, to 30% in Boston's NW suburbs, to 50% in the Worcester Hills, to 60% in southern New Hampshire.

We'll see...


Eric said...

FO---GET about it...NO SNOW SUNDAY..

In fact a mildish rainstorm is likely with another washout of a day with 1-3" of RAIN and highs around 50....

Waiting for the cold to invade...could be waiting 10-15 more days.

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