Monday, November 06, 2006


First, I would like to just let the readers know that north-northeastern Maine saw its first accumulating snow of the season this morning with the passage of a warm front. Winter Weather Advisories were hoisted for much of the inland part of the state north of Bangor. Generally 1-3" of wet slushy snow accumulated, but it signals the rapid encroachment of winter onto the six state region. I would say that in about 3-4 weeks, I will be making my snowfall accumualtion maps for our area around Boston.

Little did we know entering this month on such a cold note that we would be talking about warm air so soon. After seeing the past several days with highs struggling to get out of the mid 40's with lows at night in the low 20's, the warm air is on its way back to New England.

It will come with a payoff though. Rain is in the forecast for Wednesday, basically calling for on and off rain all day Wednesday, mainly a showery rain, with highs approaching 60. Then comes the "tricky" part, the forecast for Thursday.

The key to hitting 70 is clearing out the rain in the early morning hours and having sunshine break out by late morning, warming us all the way until 4 o'clock. If this happens, it will feel downright SPRINGLIKE! Highs will easily push 70, and places like metrowest, Boston's immediate suburbs, could top out in the LOWER 70's. Yes the lower 70's. This amazing warmth will not last long as a cool front will move in through the area Thursday night bringing us back into a somewhat sense of reality. Highs on Friday will stay in the lower to mid 50's with partly cloudy skies. One thing that is unique with this cool front is that behind it, there is no bitter arctic air from Alaska or Alberta.

Nope that is not where this air is coming from. This air will be coming in from good old rainy Seattle, WA. We will be entrenched in a west to east Pacific flow of air. This means that the country will generally have fast paced storm systems hitting once to twice a week with mostly rain, even to the far north. The exception in our area may be the highest peaks of VT, NH, and ME. Other than that, it looks like the next 10-14 days look to be on the mild side for much of the region.

This upcoming weekend looks to be fairly nice with a mainly sunny sky Saturday with a slight chance of a passing shower or two Saturday night before more sunshine and seasonal temperatures for Sunday. Saturday and Sunday should both be in the 50-55 degree range. Beyond the upcoming weekend, looking beyond the 7 day forecast, it looks like the Pacific air and pattern will dominate much of the lower 48 states, with no intrusions of frigid arctic air coming down.

Beyond November 20th, the week of Thanksgiving, we may be singing a different tune, just a heads up, but until then enjoy this treat we are getting before our New England winter really settles in.

SIDENOTE: The seven day forecast graphic will be available again sometime this week again...

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