Monday, November 13, 2006

Gloomy Times...

Gloomy times are here and here to stay they will. After a rainy and gloomy Sunday with both the Patriots and Revolution losing their games, Monday has turned out to be just as gloomy. Guess what? Tuesday promises to bring much the same with even more rain than we have seen today and yesterday. One good thing is that the rain will quit on Wednesday and if we see some sunshine highs could rebound all the way into the middle 60's.
Same in the temperature department for Thursday, mid 60's, but rain will be developing during the afternoon for more gloomy times. Rain will continue into Thursday night and early Friday morning with perhaps another 1-2" of rain after Sunday's inch and tonight's inch.
Thereafter, the sun will return! However, highs will struggle to manage 50 on Saturday and we will likely be in the lower to mid 40's on Sunday.
Sticking my neck way out there, it looks like the two busiest travel days, Monday and Tuesday will be nice around here, but cold with highs in the lower 40's. We may have to be watching a storm to our south, but at this point all indications are that it will go out to sea. Thanksgiving for all the football games looks to be chilly in the morning with temperatures generally around 35-40 degrees from about 10-12PM.
Let's get through this gloomy week and then next week is a break...THANKSGIVING and then the fun really starts with HOLIDAY SHOPPING.

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