Saturday, January 21, 2006

Winter Storm on the Way!

Well, today it looks like this storm will be hitting much of southern and even central New England. Areas from the South Coast to Concord, NH will be feeling the effects on this one. Looks like a pretty good amount of precipitation will be moving into the area with up to 1" of liquid on the South Coast to anywhere around .5" to .75" of liquid north of there to the MA/NH border and about .25" to .4" north of there to central New Hampshire.

Next question is where will this rain/snow line set up shop. Looks like most areas just off the coast by 5-10 miles and north of the Mass Pike will likely see mostly see snowfall out of this one. Also, higher terrain areas of NW Rhode Island and northern CT may see accumulating snowfall. Areas west of Framingham and generally to the NW of Providence will see snowfall as well throughout most of the storm. To the SE of here into the southeastern part of MA including Bridgewater, Brockton, Walpole, southeast and beyond the storm will primarily be a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow with primarily rainfall on the Cape and the Islands as well as the South Coast.

The exact track will eventually play a huge role determining where the rain/snow line will set up through much of the storm. A slight shift to the east would mean that the line will collapse further south and east, but the moisture would not make it as far north and west. A track further north and west would mean more precipitation, but more of it in rain here in much of SNE and central and northern New England would get the lion's share of snowfall.

Where I am thinking the jackpot for this storm will be...

Right now I am thinking that areas as I mentioned above to get mostly snowfall, the potential exists for 3-6" of the white stuff and the highest elevations above 1000' may see higher amounts than this possibly 6-8"+. Yeah, that is the kind of storm we will see. After that Wednesday night ARCTIC AIR will be moving into the area with highs struggling to reach 30. Highs throughout this time period will generally be in the mid-upper 20's! A big difference from the upper 50's to lower 60's of today the 21st.


Yup, all snowlovers out there, its looking more and more likely! A change to a colder and snowier pattern is almost upon us and February will most likely be a crazy month with lots and lots of cold and snow.

More on the potential WINTER STORM later!

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